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Neofinetia falcata


From Japan, Korea and the Ryukyu Islands, as a cool to cold growing epiphyte, found in areas that have shady summers, and because of the deciduous trees that they grow on, almost full sun in the winter, with a short, monopodial, complanate stem enveloped basally by conduplicate leaf bases carrying coriaceous, distichous, fleshy, conduplicate, linear-falcate leaves that blooms on a racemose, axillary, to 2/3/4" [7 cm] long, laxly several flowered inflorescence that appears in early summer through fall with nocturnal, fragrant flowers.

Best mounted on tree fern or cork yet it can be done in suspended pots with a very coarse mixture to allow air to get to the roots. The plant is a miniature to small sized, monopodial, vandanaceous plant that is under 5" tall.


Neofinetia falcata

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