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Perreiraara Bangkok Sunset

Perreiraara Rhynchorides Bangkok Sunset is a monopodial epiphyte orchid hybrid having beautiful colors of an exotic sunset. 
The color is a unique blend of amber, yellow, peachy colors with a light pink lavander lip. Flowers are displayed on a thin spike of about 15-20 cm in length and each spike can produce between 12-20-30 flowers. 
Some claim as lightly fragrant, smelling floral and clean early morning, not readily detected, so would not buy as fragrant orchid.  Can bloom once or twice a year. 
The blooms are about 1.5 cm in diameter and present a waxy texture last for 6 to 8 weeks often producing a double spike.
The compact growth habit with broad, thick set leaves is an inheritance of the characteristics of its three ancestral species: Aerides houlletiana, Rhychostylis coelestis, and Vanda flabellata. 
Rhychostylis coelestis seedlings will bloom for the first time on plants which are 2” tall and 4” across. Crossed to V. flabellata, Rhy. coelestis yields Vandachostylis Thai Noi, a compact, free flowering, hybrid with a large colorful lip. 


Perreiraara (Prra.)Bangkok Sunset

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