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Renanthera imschootiana (Species)


Renanthera imschootiana is native to Northeast India, Vietnam and probably Myanmar. In India, these plants meet in the Manipur region, at an altitude of 1000-1500 m. In Vietnam, the plants were met in several places, from Hue to the south, especially near Dalat, and in other locations in the Langbian region.


 It is a medium to large-sized, warm to cool growing epiphyte, which reaches a height of 90 cm, with a long, liana-like, branched, up to 90 cm long and 0.5 cm thick stem becoming woody with age and carrying many, linear, leathery, truncately rounded, bilobed apically, 8-10 cm long and 1.8-2.0 cm wide leaves.

 Imschoot's Renanthera blooms in the late spring and early summer on a 45 cm long, axillary, branched or racemose, loosely many-flowered inflorescences with semi orbicular floral bracts and long-lasting, slightly fruity-scented flowers. The flowers are 4.5-5.5 cm long from the tip of the dorsal leaf to the lateral ends of the outer whorls. The outer whorls are bright red to orange with a small amount of yellow at the base. The inner whorl flakes are yellow with red spots. The lip and the spine are red. Its lateral lobes are triangular, pointed, with auriform outgrowth at the base. The middle part of the lip is rounded, concave, with seven yellow crests and a short spur. The column is red.

Renanthera imschootiana

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