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Phalaenopsis hygrochila 'species'

Found in Assam India, eastern Himalayas, Myanmar, Thailand, southern China and Vietnam in evergreen and semi-deciduous forests on limestone cliffs or in primary montane forests at altitudes of 100 to 1500 meters as a large sized, hot to cool growing, epiphytic orchid that has a short, stout stem carrying elliptic-oblong, unequally, obtusely bilobed or deeply emarginate apically leaves and blooms in the late winter and spring on an axillary, 18" [45 cm] long, 5 to several flowered inflorescence that is longer than the leaves, with ovate-elliptic, acute or subacute, cucullate bracts and carrying fragrant, heavy textured, long lasting flowers.

Phalaenopsis hygrochila

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