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Paraphalaenopsis labukensis


This is a giant sized [in width], hot to warm, pendent growing epiphytic, terete-leafed species with, 3 to 5, pendulous, cylindrical, caniculate, fleshy leaves and blooms in the spring on an erect to pendulous, short to 3.2" [8 cm], axillary, 5 to 15 flowered inflorescence with ovate-triangular, obtuse floral bracts and carrying cinnamon scented flowers. Paraph. labukensis occurs in Sabah Borneo (named after the Labuk valley) and grows on trees in hill forests on ultramafic rocks above valleys, at about 500 to 1000 meters in elevation; their leaves can exceed 2 meters in cultivation.

This orchid is similar in cultural requirements to Phalaenopsis but differ in needing to be mounted or in baskets to accomodate the pendant growth habit.

Paraphalaenopsis labukensis

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