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JackfowliearaAppleblossom is a sympodial epiphyte orchid hybrid with elongated-oval shape pseudobulbs which growing rather tightly to each other, reaching up to 15 cm in length, and not more than 3.5 cm wide. The leaves are light green, slightly twisted, measuring 20 cm long and 3 cm wide.

 This hybrid can bloom at any time of the year, especially preferring the period from April to May. Peduncles can be both straight and hanging, in length reach up to 20 cm. From 2 to 7 flowers per one peduncle. The color of flowers from white to yellow, often with a pink border, is about 8 cm in diameter. The sepals and petals have a pale pink color, while the lip is broader and can be a more intense pink towards the edge. There are many color varieties available, from white, pale pink, a more pronounce pink and even yellow, so each cultivar can look slightly different. What remains the same is the unmistaken shape of the flower and the dark brown stripes on the throat of the lip.

Jackfowlieara Appleblossom is a cross between Caulaelia Snowflake (Caularthron bicornutum x Laelia albida) and Rhyncattleanthe Orange Nuggett

Jackfowlieara Appleblossom 'Sun Dance'

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