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Dendrobium tobaense (Species)

is native to North Sumatra. They are found in the northeast of Lake Toba, at an altitude of about 1500 m. They are also found growing in pine or fir forests on Mt.Dolok south of Lake Toba, at the heights of 1000-1300 m.


 It is a small-sized, warm to cool growing orchid, which reaches 24-30 cm in size, with cylindrical, 24-30 cm long stems carrying 8 to 9, oblong-elliptic, smooth on top, hairy beneath, 3-8 cm long leaves that are apically bilobed and have leaf sheaths covered in black hairs.

 The Toba Dendrobium blooms on a very short, successively single, several flowered inflorescence that arises from the base of the leaf sheath opposite the leaf occurring in the fall. The flowers are 8 cm in diameter. Egg-shaped petals of both whorls narrow to form a slender, elongated tip. All elements of the flower are stiff, fleshy and have bent tops. The pale green petals of both whorls have green prominent veins forming a kind of net. The lip has straight, slightly sickle-shaped side plots. Thick, fleshy middle plot is densely covered with slender, lumpy growths. Orange-red lip has thin, oblong red lines on orange side plots.


Dendrobium tobaense

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