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Dendrobium rigidum (Dockrillia rigida)


ockrillia rigida also called as The Rigid-Leafed Dockrillia, The Smooth Tongue Orchid, The Smooth Tick Orchid, Callista rigida, Dendrobium desmotrichoides, Dendrobium rigidum, Dockrillia desmotrichoides, is a species of the genus Dockrillia. This species was described by Stephan Rauschert in 1983.


 Dockrillia rigida is native to Australia and New Guinea. This orchid is very widespread and popular in New Guinea, where it usually grows in mangrove bushes in marshy coastal lowlands, at altitudes from sea level up to 700 m. In Australia it is found from the Russell River up to the tip of the Cape York Peninsula. It usually grows on mangrove swamps, but it can also be found on trees along the ravines and on rocks, on rubber trees (a variety of eucalyptus with hard bark) growing in low mountains and dry savannas, sometimes at a considerable distance from the coast.

Dendrobium rigidum (Dockrillia rigida)

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