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Dendrobium parishii


Found in Hainan China, Assam, Bangladesh, eastern Himalayas, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos and Vietnam in broadleaf, evergreen, lowland forests and primary montane forests at an altitude of 250 to 1700 meters as a small to medium sized, hot to cool growing epiphyte with erect or downbent, yellowish stems enveloped by white, membraneous sheaths carrying narrowly ovate to elliptic, obtuse, stiff, leathery, blunt, deciduous leaves that are apically notched. Flowering occurs from February through August with a peak season of May and June on a short, 2 to 3 flowered raceme with fragrant [of rhubarb], longlasting flowers that are borne at the nodes on the upper half of 2 year old, pendulous, leafless canes.

Some shade and plenty of water while growing as they have heavy cloud cover in nature when the new growths appear. As the growing season goes by the light should be increased and as the new growths mature in the Autumn less water should be given for a drier winter rest to initiate blooming the following season.

Dendrobium parishii

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