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Dendrobium lineale


Found in New Guinea as a large to giant sized, hot to warm growing epiphyte or lithophyte at elevations up to 800 meters along streams and oceans with erect, cane-like stems that are leafy towards the apex carrying many, oblong or lanceolate, rigid, leathery, persistent, dark green leaves and is very floriferous on a to 3' [to 90 cm] long, arcuate, densly or laxly many [15 to 35] flowered inflorescence with fragrant, long-lived, heavy-textured, color variable flowers that arise from the nodes at or near the apex of the older leafed canes occuring mostly from the spring through early fall.

Reduce water and fertilizer somewhat for 2 to 3 months in the winter and resume only with the onset of new growth in the spring.

Related to D mussauense but different and D mussauense may be more widespread than thought. D mussauense has a lip basically the same shape as D lineale but D mussauense has 4 higher ridges in the middle of the lip while D lineale has ridges that stay the same height from the base to the apex of the lip.

Dendrobium lineale

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