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Dendrobium ellipsophyllum (species)

Dendrobium ellipsophyllum, also called as The Oval-Leafed Dendrobium, Distichorchis ellipsophylla, is a species of the genus Dendrobium. Dendrobium ellipsophyllum is widely distributed in most areas of Southeast Asia. These plants are found near Moulmein (Myanmar), in most areas of Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, the Dalat region of Vietnam and the Yunnan Province in southwestern China. In Thailand, they were encountered at heights of 300-1000 m.It is a medium sized, warm to hot growing epiphyte, which can reach a height of 30-50 cm, with cane-like, ridged, 30-50 cm long pseudobulbs carrying 14 to 18, bilobed, elliptic, distichous, twisted, 3-4 cm in length leaves all facing in one direction.

Dendrobium ellipsophyllum

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