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Wendland's Bulbophyllum 


Found in northern Myanmar and Thailand on trees and rocks in forests margins as a miniature to small sized, hot to cool growing epiphyte or lithophyte at elevations of 200 to 2000 meters with a creeping, branching rhizome with 4 cm between each ovoid to ovoid-conical, tetragonal to multi-angular, slightly glossy, yellow green pseudobulbs carrying a single, apical,stiff, leathery, thick, rigid, minutely rugose, elliptic-oblong to lanceolate, coriaceous, subpetiolate base leaf that blooms in the spring with up to 7 simultaneously opening flowers, on a basal, 7 to 15 long, stout, rigid inflorescence which arises from a newly forming pseudobulb and holds an umbel of a few to many fragrant flowers at the apex.

A hot to cool growing orchid that needs an open medium, partial shade and frequent watering and fertilizer.


Bulbophyllum wendlandianum

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