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Bulbophyllum longisepalum


Found in southeastern New Guinea as a miniature sized, warm growing epiphyte with .8 to 1.4" [2 to 3.5 cm] between each, sharply four angled pseudobulbs enveloped basally in youth by 2 to 3, basal, tubular, sheaths and carrying a single, apical, erect, thickly coriaceous, oval, broadly obtuse and shallowly retuse, apiculate, shortly petiolate base leaf that blooms on an erect, from the rhizome between pseudobulbs, 1.6 to 2" [4 to 5 cm] long, reddish, single flowered inflorescence with three nodes giving rise to a basally tubular, dorsally keeled and apiculate, densely dark red spotted bracts and similar floral bracts.

Bulbophyllum longisepalum

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