Dendrobium pulchellum


Found in Assam India, Bangladesh, eastern Himalayas, Nepal, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, Laos, Yunnan China and Vietnam at elevations of 70 to 2200 meters as a large sized, hot to cool growing epiphyte in open deciduous forests with erect, rather slender, terete, purplish with age, to 6'6" [200 cm] long stem enveloped by purple-striped leaf sheaths and carrying persistent, linear-oblong, cordate at base, obtuse or acute leaves that blooms from late winter to spring on a drooping, .8 to 5" [2 to 30 cm] long, several flowered inflorescence which are borne laterally from nodes near the apex of leafed and leafless canes and have 5 to 15, long-lasting, fragrant flowers.

In the winter this plant likes to dry out between waterings, and fertilizer should be with withheld until new growth appears in the spring.


Dendrobium pulchellum