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Dendrobium cruentum (Species)

Found in Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam as a small to medium-sized, hot to warm growing, epiphytic species from elevations below 1000 meters in open forests where it is found on smaller trees. The plant has erect pseudobulbs that are swollen basally and has leaf sheaths with black hairs carrying many, deciduous, elliptic-oblong, leathery leaves that are hairy on the underside and are spaced all along the stem. The bloom season is in the spring through fall on an axillary, short, 1 to 2 flowered, inflorescence with faintly fragrant, longlasting flowers that arise from the nodes on the stem in between leaves at the upper apex of the leafed pseudobulb, and needs a definite rest from water and fertilizer in the winter months.

Synonyms Callista cruenta

Dendrobium cruentum

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