Brassavola flagellaris (Species)

It's a species of epiphytic orchid of the Cattleya alliance. It grows wild in eastern Brazil (from Minas Gerais to Paraná),[1] where it fills the evening air with the citrus-like fragrance of its blossoms.

Brassavola flagellaris is a sympodial epiphyte (sometimes a lithophyte) with terete pseudobulbs, 6–30 cm long, each carrying a single elongated succulent leaf. The erect or pendulous inflorescence carries one to several flowers bearing long and narrow light-green sepals which closely resemble the lateral petals. The broad white lip closely encircles most of the light yellow-green column.

Members of this species grow readily under cultivation and are resistant to drought. They can be placed on slabs to allow their roots sufficient aeration.


Brassavola flagellaris